Is this a rose or a weed

Desirai(7B)March 20, 2014

so, this one needs kind of an explanation. So I was trekking thru the swamp chasing my dog and got attacked by a thorny limb.
It was like... a long vine thing with little serrated leaves on it. And I look down and it has a dozen suckers that all look like miniature rose bushes. I was in the woods covered in mud so I didn't have my camera, so I just ripped up one of the suckers.
I am 5'6 and it was at least 1.5ft above me, but it was twisted with itself with its long viney branches and so it was bent over in a U shape. it was covered in short thorns. It's in a place of the woods where it will have pretty much 80% shade, the only sun will be early morning sun.
Was it a giant rose bush of some sort!?!? Should I go dig up the entire thing!?!?
Here's some pictures of the sucker I pulled up--there are no thorns on it.

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seil zone 6b MI

It looks like a rose to me. It's probably one of the wild species roses. They can thrive in a lot of unfavorable conditions. Let it bloom and post another picture and we may be able to ID it.

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When I was in Missouri I saw wild roses in winter I was to embarrassed to ask if what they look like and if they bloom a lot ....

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In what part of the country did you find this rose? Different areas have different native species. Also there are introduced roses that have naturalized, like Rosa multiflora.

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