Tea roses?

christinabethNovember 30, 2006

I'm new to the plant world and I'm getting board with my easy to care for plants. I love them and they're beautiful, but I want something a little more "exciting."

I want something with flowers and I've seen little rose plants sold in grocerey stores, I know--best place to buy your plants... kidding--and I think they call the tea roses? I'm not sure if that's correct. They're just tiny little roses on a little bush in a small pot. I'd like something like that, but what are they called for real, where can I get one and how on earth do I care for it?

Roses are beautiful and having flowers around make me a happy, comfortable person. I remember when I was having some issues, I told my doctor hos flowers just brighten my day. Ever since he suggested to do the obvious and have plants and flowers around, I've had them and I feel happy seeing them. I'd rather stop buying bouquets, though, and actually have a flowering plant. And the miniature roses--tea roses?--are just so darn cute and beautiful.

So what can you tell me?

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diane_nj 6b/7a

The class and the term is "miniature" (also called "mini") rose. "Tea" is a different class, one of the parent classes of "Hybrid Tea" (which is the kind of rose sold by florists and is also the one most available at local nurseries), both of which are large blooms and large plants. And, BTW, those plants in the grocery store are REAL rose bushes that can be planted outside, but in our area, this isn't the time to do so, you would want to plant them outside in late April or early May. Unless you have a greenhouse or something to keep them until spring.

"Miniature" refers to the size of the bloom. The plant size can range from 1' - 4' tall.

Care of minis is the same as care for larger roses. There are minis that are disease resistant, if you don't want to use a fungicide spray, then you'll want one that is resistant. For those, you'll want to mail order, and again, have them delivered in early May.

Here are some other threads for you to read:
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Give me a general area where you are in PA, that will help with recommendations. Welcome to roses, minis are fun and easy to grow!

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marquest(z5 PA)

I am not the original info requester but....LOL I live in Pittsburgh what hardy mini would you suggest for a zone 5/6 in this area?

I am partial to peach, yellow and whites. I do not like reds or pinks.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Marquest, contact the Pittsburgh Rose Society, click on "Consulting Rosarians" and contact John C. The Pittsburgh Rose Society manages the rose gardens at the Renziehausen Park Rose Garden in McKeesport, and they grow a LOT of minis. They can tell you what does well in your area.

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marquest(z5 PA)

diane thank you so much. I will give them a call. I have tried so many rose with very little success. Maybe they can give me some advice and explain what I am doing wrong.

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