Are Austrian Coppers this thorny?

weberriverMarch 7, 2014

I'm currently living in my grandparents' home, and there are 20-30 rose bushes here that I am going to attempt to ID once they bloom.

But while in the garden today, I noticed a tag sticking up out of the dirt at the base of one of them. It reads "Austrian Copper No 1." I looked up photos of this rose, and I'm not sure if it was in the garden last year (I didn't get interested in roses until this past winter). Also, the rose bush that I found the tag next to has fairly distinctive thorns, whereas I can't find photos of Austrian Copper with a clear enough view of its thorns to compare.

Is anyone familiar with this rose? Does this bush's thorns resemble an Austrian Copper's or not? I know the photo isn't much to go by, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask early on. It's possible that the tag belonged to another bush altogether that once resided in the same location -- my grandparents have had this rose garden since the 1960s.

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There's another bush next to this one that looks very similar.

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seil zone 6b MI

Austrian Copper is a species (wild) rose and yes, it is thorny. You won't really be able to ID for sure though until it blooms.

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Thanks, Seil! And yep, I know. :)

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It certainly looks like a plant of 'Austrian Copper'. All the forms of R. foetida (AC is a color sport) have canes of a rich brown aging to dull gray and brown, and a lot of narrow, sharp prickles. The flowers will confirm the ID, as you and Seil have said.
Could the other rose beside it be a sucker? The Foetidas sucker moderately once they're established.

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