unknown old rose bush

cncnorman(z7 FW/TX)March 21, 2006

Last summer my aunt and uncle were going to get rid of some rose bushes so I offered to 'take them off their hands.' Only one survived and I have no idea what type it is as I am new to roses but I do know that it used to be deep red colored flower at their house and now at my house it is a hot pink color. Does anyone know what would cause that to happen? I do know that the bush is over thirty years old as it was originally at my great grandmothers house and was then moved to my aunts place and now is at my house. All of these house were in the same 20 mile area so I can't figure a huge climate change could cause this change in color.

My flower bed is a raised bed on the southwest side of the house that gets ALOT of sunlight and additonal water by hand. I made the bed like this: 40% compost, 20% peat moss, and the rest was decomposed granite, lava sand, green sand, corn meal, bone meal, and dry molasses with a two inch layer of shredded cedar on top. Oh, and so far there have been three dead fish planted there from our aquarium *no more than six inches in total length*. I believe her beds are just texas caliche with 40% sand and 10% peat moss added and some compost once in awhile with sea shells for mulch.

I appreciate ya'lls help.



here's a link to some pictures of it. http://community.webshots.com/album/548764463SEFpYI

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Hi, Christina.

Well, the color change could be due to temperatures. Roses sometimes have a darker, more intense color in cooler temps, and less intense color in hot temps. Your rose may have pink or mauve undertones that come out in certain temps or when exposed to more or less sunlight.

Or, it could be that the rose was grafted onto something else, the original rose died and this is the rose that was used as rootstock. But, let's put that idea on the back burner for the time being. :-)

What else can you tell us about the rose? Does it only bloom once per year? Does it bloom several times per year? Is it almost constantly in bloom throughout the season?

Does the rose have a fragrance? If yes, is the fragrance strong or light, does it have a spicy, fruity, or a purely rose smell? Or, does it have no fragrance at all?

Looking at the pictures, it looks as though your rose has few prickles/thorns on the canes. Is that true? Or does it have lots of prickles/thorns?

How big does the plant get? How big did it get at your parents' house?

A picture of an open bloom would help if you can get one.

Those leaves are quite distinctive; someone may be able to suggest an ID based on them.

Hope you can answer some of the above questions, and I hope you find an ID for your pretty rose.

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