More blooms 2

pelicanheadApril 10, 2011

still more

bigger wedding cake

teddy bear

Little artist

pink lemonade

Rowdy roy

albuquerque enchantment


laura Bush

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Maryl zone 7a

Wow! I love the color on Laura Bush, and Pink Lemonade is a great color combo. I tried to grow Renny at one time, but it didn't like me. I don't hold that against it though as yours is sure pretty...Maryl

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Gorgeous, Pelicanhead! I wish my LAURA BUSH looked as good as that. (If it had looked that good, it wouldn't have met Mr. Shovel!) And, the WEDDING CAKE is really amazing. Is PINK LEMONADE the one that is so hard to find? How do you like it?

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Pink lemonade is hard to find. It is one of my favorites. The fragrance is incredible. I have a story about my pink lemonade. I didn't know what it was and it was doing very poorly in my garden in the dirt. So I rudely yanked it out and left it for dead.
Under the dirt I found the tag Pink Lemonade. So I stuck it in a pot and did a lot of apologizing to it. About 10 months later it started sending out some growth. Now it is one of my healthiest plants in a pot.

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More beauties! And I am reeeeally jealous of that PINK LEMONADE. I almost snagged Cliff's mother plant, but I waited too long to ask him about it, and someone else got it. That was before he sent out the notice about selling the mother plants. I'm really glad you managed to save it.

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This has been my best year yet for my roses. It must be because of all the rain we had this year. My Laura Bush was almost removed last year, but I decided to give it one more year to do something. This year it has been beautiful and has these gorgeous blooms on it.

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Haha Beth -- I know where PL went. Nanner nanner.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Too funny Kstrong!!!

The color on Laura Bush is so intense!!!!

Alburquerque Enchantment has the same coloring of Paradise. Love that look!

Pink Lemonade looks wonderful.


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