what is making holes in my big jim's?

coworkerbob(9)September 17, 2012

I posted this in the pest forum but didnt get any experts weighing in. What could be making holes in my big jim's? I live in the bayarea/sf northern california.

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Caterpillars and earwigs will cause that kind of damage. I would have included pepper maggot but your leaves appear to be getting hit as well.

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What is to be done about these two pests?

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Thanks Ottawapepper. I opened the holes in the peppers, and i don't see those critters but i guess i will try trapping them according to the article. Odd, that they don't like my spicier thai peppers.


Damage to Peppers

Earwigs eat the leaves and tender young growing points of pepper plants and can completely destroy or severely stunt seedlings. As plants mature with taller stems and tougher leaves, earwigs aren't as much of a problem to the foliage. Earwigs can destroy the fruit as well. They eat a hole through the pepper close to where it meets the stem, eating it from the inside. This deforms the pepper and ruins it for human consumption.

Remove earwigs by trapping them. Shallow cans like tuna fish or cat food cans are good traps. Put about one-half inch of tuna or sardine oil or oil with a drop of bacon grease added in the can bottom and hide them amid pepper plants where earwigs were seen. Rolled-up tubes of moist newspaper or corrugated cardboard are also effective. Put the traps out before dark and shake trapped earwigs into a pail of soapy water the next morning to kill them. Repeat this daily until no more earwigs are being caught. If earwigs are found actively eating pepper plants at night, put soapy water in a spray bottle and spray it on the earwigs.

Encourage insect-eating animals like toads, frogs and lizards to live in your garden. A combination of trapping and habitat management should keep garden earwig populations from becoming a problem.

anyone have any spare lizards they don't want?

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Regarding earwigs, which I have more experience than I'd like with, See the first post in the link below.

Knock on wood, I haven't had a caterpillar problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Earwigs

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"anyone have any spare lizards they don't want?"

No. My dog and cats are saving them. ;)

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