How hardy are Mini-flora roses

dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)November 7, 2007

This is my first year growing mini-flora roses. Are these as hardy as the minis? They are on their own roots.

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I keep hoping someone closer to your zone will answer you. My mini everything come through below freezing temps in winter just fine. They are all on own roots.

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I'm not quite as cold as you either, but in my experience, mini-flora roses are just like miniature roses only a little larger. I have some such as Autumn Splendor, Sassy Cindy, Hot Tamale, Peaches N Cream and a few others that spend the winter without skipping a heart beat. Then there are others such as Fair Hope and Liberty Bell that seem to suffer. I think it depends on the rose.

Some roses such as Jennifer and Always A Lady have never been able to survive a winter for me at all. This is a shame because I love both these roses. I have a hard time getting them to over winter in pots in the garage too. I do find that a lot of the mauve roses just don't over winter well -- not just the miniatures, but the larger ones too.

Liberty Bell and Fair Hope have been able to withstand the winters here with some degree of winter kill. Liberty Bell, now 4 years old, has been doing better (knock on wood). I keep Fair Hope protected from the wind with other roses but it still suffers.

My suggestion would be to visit your local rose group and ask them which ones seem stronger in your zone and choose roses that have been good for the locals.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardening and Other Stuff

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Thanks that helps. I will lightly cover them just to make sure. I don't cover my minis at all. So this winter will be a learning experience for me

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Dan, get ahold of Digger, he grows a quite a few mini floras and his are spectacular. He's in Montana, don't know what zone that is.

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