A random happy

mandi_s1December 16, 2006

Just because it's cold out...

and roses are purrr-ty

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Precious kitty cat ...

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What's he/she watching up in the rose bush? He looks pretty intent on whatever is in it:) Pretty cat, I have a dark grey one, I can't see him in the shadows at night in the house, I'm always stepping on him, if he'd just not lay in the middle of the hall at night! Leslie

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She was getting ready to chomp the leaf! I had to quick clap at her after I snapped the pic to get her to stop in her tracks! The houseplants are kept up out of her reach, so it was one of those hmmmmm whats this... is it delicious? Upon which I snapped the pic and got in with the 'no' before she did any damage! lol.

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That is pretty funny apparently it appeals to her, they're supposed to like and need green stuff in their diet. I even bought mine some green kitty grass at the pet store. That was a waste of money. In the mtns they used to eat wild grass, here in the valley not sure where they're getting it. They leave the houseplants alone but that one gray cat does snack on the purple ornamental grass outside. I had to take him to the vet $150 visit because he cut his eye with a blade. The most they do otherwise to the roses is use the mini rose bed for a litter box. I'm still waiting for some kitty stakes to come that I ordered:) I wouldn't mind except they're always covering over or uncovering a rose bush.

That was an excellent cat photo though, typical of how intently they watch just before they pounce:) And, very nice healthy, looking mini rose:) Leslie

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