Winter Magic and Ring of Fire Questions

rosa_alba(8)December 17, 2007

Enablers! You're all just a bunch of enablers, I say! I grew up with roses and would love to have some again. That said, the soil we have (98% largish rocks) and the deer (who have very little fear of humans) kind of precludes it. I could build a wee rose prison and lock them up behind wire, but... I was resigned to my roseless fate and then you lot show up on my computer. "Minis might work," I tell myself. Grown in pots, right on the deck they might be safe from the deer (who haven't come right up and rung the doorbell. Yet.). I really like "Winter Magic" and my husband likes "Ring of Fire"--has anyone grown these two strictly in pots? They both seem to be of a maximum size that would work, but I don't want to kill the poor things. And, all kidding aside, I really do appreciate the enabling!

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Winter Magic for me in the ground got to be only 28" tall and 25" wide this year. I think with a large enough container it would do fine. I never have with these two so I'll let someone else answer you for sure, there has to be someone else growing these. Always happy to help someone want to pick out roses:)
Winter Magic in Sept.

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Thank you for the picture. It really is a beauty! I've added "Arcanum" and "Irresistable" to my wish list. C'mon, Santa!

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Oh wow, you're going to need a really big container for Irresistible, LOL* That's a beautiful rose and a star in my garden also. What a terrific Santa list though, hope he's listening to you.

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I have grown both Winter Magic and Ring of Fire in the ground. Winter Magic is one of my top favorite mini roses. Mine gets to be a good two feet tall and a good two feet wide. The Ring of Fire that I had stayed more compact not ever getting over a foot wide or tall. It was also pretty bloom stingy for me. I do not have Ring of Fire anymore but would not be without Winter Magic. :o)

Stan the Roseman

Here is a link that might be useful: My Gallery

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diane_nj 6b/7a

And I can't keep WM alive. To each their own. I've tried three times, I really would like it too, but it does not like me.

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