Looking to identify this rose

pineysamazonwifeApril 23, 2009

We bought this with no open blooms. it was sold as a Pinata but is obviously not. the growing patern is very similar to the Pinata, however. Can anyone tell me what I've got? I love it and would really like to know. Thanks

Image link:

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hi guys. if there is any more information i can provide that would help or some direction someone could point me in for research i would much appreciate it. thanks again

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Done some more research. Based on online photos it looks as if it could be Sombreuil. Can anyone confirm this?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I think you have made a good guess. I grow that variety, which is recently known by what is probably the correct original name of Colonial White.

It's a very nice, mannerly climber in my garden and I enjoy the fragrance.

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It is difficult to tell from that photo. It might be Sombreuil. Is it a climber?

I don't think Sombreuil has that much yellow in it.....

I don't grow it now, but I have in the past. Could you post more photos and try to make them larger?

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we just planted it a couple months ago so it is still getting used to its new home. As a result I am eagerly awaiting new blooms and will post the pictures as soon as I have them. I am wondering if they will be any different since my garden is obviously a much nicer home than the black nursery pot it was in. I can say for sure that it does appear to have a more creamy appearance than most of the pictures I have seen.

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