Identification multiflora hybrid (I suspect)

lidia_zitaraApril 18, 2007

Hallo, this is my first message. I write from Italy and i apologize for my errors.

I found this rose in the countryside, "free".

I suspect it is a multiflora hybrid. Can you help me to find the correct name of variety?


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Another image of the buds

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I have multiflora carnea which I got from Peter Beales so it is correct and it does look like your rose. Although mine is paler it is not grown in a warm climate so that may account for the difference in colour and number of petals. There is a photo of it on my web site under species roses.

Here is a link that might be useful: multiflora carnea

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Thanks Lynette, you are very kind. I shall search more informations and photos, but youre rose seems to me different, even for the foliage. My rose is a quite strong climber, not reblooming, with light green new foliage. Youre wep pages are very beautiful! Many thanks.

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I just bought the carnea--and your rose looks a lot like it--it is a once a year bloomer--and has a spreading or climbing habit--

I think the blooms have a lovely fragrance--

rosea carnea at Antique Rose Emporium--trimmed to a spreading shrub--

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