Planting Miniture roses better indoor or outdoor?

www.postess.comDecember 26, 2006

I am interested in planting miniture roses in the spring-summer in Wisconsin. I can't decided on planting the roses outdoor or indoor? Which do you think is going to be better, outdoor planting or indoor planting?

Give me you inputs on this, thanks.

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Mini roses are too hard to grow indoors. Don't let the size fool you, minis are hardy plants. Outdoors they will survive a harsh winter while you might lose a big one. In my location I don't cover my minis for the winter.
Indoors it's hard to get enough light for them. Spidermites are a problem also. If you like minis in pots just put them in different areas of the yard for color.

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