The best part of fall

maple_grove_gwSeptember 9, 2012

The best part of fall is that you can go down to the pepper garden every day and pick whatever you need to embelish your meal. Here's today's small harvest, which will go into tonight's steak fajitas:

And some close-ups of 'Billy Goat'

Please feel free to post your pictures of a daily harvest here.


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Steak fajitas, what's your address?

Curious, where did you get your Billy Goat seed? I'm growing mine from descendant seeds I received from a member years ago. My Goats have more of a Habanero shape and size. I've seen a few vendors selling the squatter smaller ones like yours and vendors selling ones like mine. I've also seen Bahamian culture and recipe sites where both types are referred to as Billy Goat.

I'd be interested in a trade if you're game. Send me an email.


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Steak Fajitas.......I'm on my way! Those are some good looking peppers. Hey Bill can you post a pic of your Billy Goats? Here's a pic of mine.


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Some of everything in those fajitas! Very attractive spread, maple!

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Steak fajitas with fresh-grown peppers... sounds great!, what time should I show up? :)

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Thanks Bill, Tim, tsheets and Don. You guys are more then welcome any time - I'll let you know before my next fajita session.

Bill, my 'Billy Goat' was obtained as a starter plant from Cross Country Nursery (see link below). With regard to trading seed, I'd be more than happy to oblige but for the fact that I've not been isolating the flowers. I've got 18 chile plants growing in area the size of two pallets. Literally, I've got them in 5 gal buckets sitting on pallets. What with high density and proximity, the probability of cross-pollination would seem to be quite high.


Here is a link that might be useful: 'Billy Goat' at CCN

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I thought I'd update this thread with today's harvest. Clockwise starting from 12:00 we've got 'Super Chili Hybrid', 'Datil', 'Peruvian Serlano', 'Pasilla Apaseo', 'Hot Paper Lantern', and 'Cochiti'.

And here is a close-up of 'Hot Paper Lantern' side-by-side with 'Peruvian Serlano'.


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Another nice harvest Alex. You must be happy with your results this year.

How's the flavor / heat of the Peruvian Serlano?


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Sadly, my harvest was done over the course of a few days.. :( I only had 2 varieties.. jalapeno & cayenne. They've been picked, sliced, frozen, dried & crushed, and I made jelly. I also dug up the cayenne (from its container) & I'm hoping to overwinter it. Yours look amazing!! I wish I had more to enjoy now...

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Thanks Bill and cheezdoodle12.

Peruvian Serlano pods as you can see are small and thin-fleshed. They're fairly pungent, although not as much as their wrinkled appearance might lead you to believe. Somewhere between a serrano and a hab in pungency. In terms of flavor, maybe like a hotter Thai pepper with some Cayenne flavor and a hint of smokiness. Chopped fresh pods can be mixed into whatever dish to add strong heat, while not so hot that it slows you down or overpowers the flavor of the food. Blends in well is what I'm getting at. Good in rice dishes IMO.

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