Pink, Yellow, White, Red & Orange

bluestarrgallery(zone 7 GA)April 14, 2006

Hello, I moved to a place that basically kept cows but they had planted lots of different varieties of roses along the fence. They had chopped the canes down almost to the ground in winter. Several have reverted to root stock (probably were grafted) and one or two died they were chopped so severely. I gave them compost and regular water and they seem to be recovering but I am trying to identify them slowly but surely. All are rebloomers. Red pink and yellow are 4-5 foot tall, white is 3-4 and orange small 2-3 foot tall. Red is very large size bloom and fragrant, has lots of petals and tends to cup (this was due to late spring rains, I think). Pink is slightly fragrant and not so many petals. Yellow is very striking type of yellow and opens so you can see inside (excuse my lay terminology - I can get a picture of the inside when it bloom again soon) - this picture doesn't do it justice. Orange is a smaller size bloom. I live in California in Zone 9 so roses grow tall here. Here are the photos. These photos are from last summer, I will take more picture this summer and can give better details of each one then - for better identification. Thanks. Linda

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I would hazard to guess "Midas Touch" for the yellow and "JFK" for the white. The red could be Chrysler Imperial or Mr. Lincoln but I'm not experienced at telling the dark reds apart. I'm sure someone else will know better.

They look very nice BTW! Lovely foliage on the red.

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bluestarrgallery(zone 7 GA)

northspruce, I think you are correct for Midas Touch and the red I think is Mr. Lincoln, but I am not sure about the white - I think I need to wait till it blooms again this year and see how far it opens up. thank you so much - I was really wondering about that yellow one because it is so brilliant yellow.


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Hi Linda, I had a mental block before but perhaps check out "Secret" or more likely "Moonstone" for the first one.

The yellow sure is bright, I love it. If you can get some more shots of them all with open blooms it might make it easier. I'm really just educated guessing here. :0)

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bluestarrgallery(zone 7 GA)


I can't believe with all the thousands of roses people can identify them. - Secret and Moonstone look so close. Thank you Northspruce. I will take more pictures of this one to try and narrow it down.

I am going to make a point of taking more detailed pictures of all the roses this year. Since I have pruned them, composted them, fertilized them and mulched with bark - they are all doing so much better this year. I have about 30 or so planted along the fence and I don't have name for any of them. It would be nice to have a stake alongside each noting the name as I am sure people will be asking what the varieties are. I believe most are hybrid teas. I did transplant three next to the house to complete the fenceline planting. I also planted one Angel Face climber - but the blossom is so pale I am not sure it is correct - since it faces west I am wondering if it is fading due to sunlight. I will have to take a picture of this one too to submit to all of you experts.

thanks again.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Secret is fragrant, Moonstone only light, or no, fragrance. I say Secret for the top. And I too think the white is JFK.

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