Best five mini's, mini-flora's to start with.

jont1(Midwest 5b/6a)December 27, 2005

I am going to finally put in some mini's and mini-flora's this spring. I am going to start with five of each and would like to know if these are good choices. Requirement is that they have good Hybrid Tea form, acceptable health, plentiful blooming, and winter hardiness.

Mini's--Fairhope, Solar Flair, Bee's Knees, Soroptomist Int'l, Heather Sproul.

Mini-Flora's--Butter Cream, Dr. John Dickman, Memphis King, Foolish Pleasure, Peter Cottontail.

There are some other mini-flora's that interest me and could make the list, but the mini's I am pretty set on I think.

If you'll notice, I tried to be diverse in selecting colors as well, so if you think one of these is a "dog", try to replace it with a similar type color.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

I have not had good hardiness with Butter Cream. I have a friend (great mini exhibitor) who isn't crazy about Memphis King's ability to hold form. Dr. John was better in it's second year. SF showed great promise this past season. No questions or concerns about Fairhope, BK or SI, those are simply terrific roses for the exhibitor or non-exhibitor.

A know a few exhibitors and judges who don't like Conundrum's form (and small number of petals), but it is one terrific plant.

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I am very fond of Heather Sproul and Bee's Knees. I would recommend both.

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ken_se_fl(9 SE, Fl.)

Fairhope may take two or three years to get a good bush going. For a white mini you may also want to look at,Sweet Melody. She is a sport of Pierrine. Both of these roses are great jump out of the ground, lots of great bloom roses. They are also good exhibition roses. I thought Solar Flair was a Mini-flora( I need to double check on this )? A good mini in that color range would be Rainbows End. If you like Bee's Knees, you'll like one of it's sports, Aron Alonzo. Also a great solid yellow is Olympic Gold. Can't go wrong with SI or HS. With yor Mini-floras, some are tough to get going. I've been growing Tiffany Lynn for years. And was one of the first to grow Tiffany Lite( before it's release ). Memphis King will take a few years to get going, but worth the wait. Butter Cream is a ? Dr. John takes a few years to get going. I can't get Peter Cottontail to grow or bloom( 5 blooms in 2 yrs ). While your looking at Mini-floras you just might pick up Sweet Arlean(sp?). A beautiful light mauve that jumps right out of the ground and makes a great bush real quick. You'll love the blooms on long straight stems with beautiful foliage. Now that I have messed up your list, have fun trying to figure out what to do.

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