Whisky Mac or Whiskey Mac??

lindseylu(7 - New Mexico)April 19, 2006

Hello, rose lovers!

Can anyone please tell me what the correct spelling of this rose is: "Whisky Mac" or "Whiskey Mac"? I have seen both versions everywhere. Thank you in advance if you can help clear this up for me!

Lindsey :)

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Interesting question!

We need to find someone with a copy of the Combined Rose List to check on the "official" spelling for you.

As far as the liquor itself is concerned, he general rule is that whiskies from Scotland and Canada are spelled "whisky," while those from Ireland are spelled "whiskey." Whiskies from the United States generally carry the "e" also, but not always. Since the cocktail known as a Whisky Mac uses Scotch, it probably SHOULD be spelled without the "e."

Then again, the rose is German (bred by Tantau), so the original name might be completely different!

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diane_nj 6b/7a

The 2005 Handbook for Selecting Roses has the spelling as "Whisky Mac".

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lindseylu(7 - New Mexico)

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!

Lindsey :)

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