The rescue rose

mandi_s1December 13, 2007

Haloo there,

A friend of mine just sent me a mini that is for the most part over watered and under sunned to death.

We're having weather into the low 40's right now so I don't want to toss it outside. Last winter I was able to baby along a mini in my office window and get it in the ground in spring.

I'd like to try to do this with this one but it has dropped all but three of its leaves. As it's drying out (she sent it to me soaked) it is starting to show what might be the starts of new growth, but it's hard to be sure.

Have you ever brought one back from being just sticks?

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Hi Mandi, yes I did, but I put it in a pot outside. I cut off of the obvious dead part of the canes and I gave it several shots of Vitamin B1 over the course of several days. But, I'm talking summer and it soaked up water and you're talking winter. Still B1 is good for shock, the next time you water you might put a little in the water. Have something that would act like a grow light? Place it where you can give it as much sun as you can. I don't have much help for you, still never have grown successfully for any length of time inside. Good luck to you and maybe someone else has some better advice.

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