3-way winner: second rose to bloom

dublinbay z6 (KS)April 1, 2012

The other day I posted the first rose to bloom in my garden for this season--Home Run. Well, three different bushes crowded in for second place, and it looks like a fourth bush is aiming for third place. Isn't it fun to watch them compete for earliest blooms of the season!!!!

3-way tie for second place:

William Shakespeare 2000--unfortunately, my camera brings out the pinkish-purplish colors in red. Try to imagine this rose as more of a dark ruby red. It is so dark, in fact, that it is purely gorgeous!

Another second-place winner:

Mortimer Sackler--good reliable bloomer, pretty much disease-free!

And the last second-place winner:

Double Knock Out--opposite problem with this red. The camera suppressed some of the purplish-pink hues. This one should be a bit more of a cherry red.

I'm betting on this one winning the third place slot:

Eden climber. She's such a show-off when she starts blooming! Can't wait!

But Austin's Mayflower has a couple pink buds, so who knows which one will be the third place winner!

6-weeks early--just love it!

First clematis opened today also--but I don't have a picture. Sorry.


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Ooooh!!! I love your WS2000!!!!! Sigh Drool Wow!!

I can't wait to see your Eden blooming - you will share??? :)

Thank you!!

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seil zone 6b MI

Congratulations! I can't wait for mine to start blooming!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Thought I might update this thread a bit.

I showed Mortimer Sackler freshly opening above. Here it is fully opened. Lovely, isn't it!

And today, I have another winner to report: new bloom on third day--Mayflower. Surprisingly, it wasn't first this year--but still a pretty rose.

In the next few days, I have a half-dozen yellow minis that should bloom, and a couple Double Delights, maybe a Peter Mayle. And who knows what else. The pace does start to pick up now, doesn't it.

And here is one last beauty that started blooming yesterday--might be EF Young Clematis--or maybe Mr. President clematis. Can't remember, but I do enjoy it!

And by the way, for future reference, now that Shakespeare 2000 has been open for several days, its color is closer to my picture above--with noticeable purplish-pink tones in it like the picture shows. The ruby red (which I failed to capture) was there only for the first day or two.

Enjoy! And let's see some of your spring beauties.


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Kate those are beautiful, especially WS2000! Its funny that we have some of the same roses but they're blooming at different times. You said my Eutin is way ahead of yours, yet my knockouts and clematis are just sitting there with uncolored buds. Wonder why that is? hmm...


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Beautiful blooms. I think it is really funny--such a beautiful rose with such a funny name--Mortimer Sackler!

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Your picture of Mortimer --excites me... He was a Christmas gift from my son--Can't wait until I have blooms... beautiful pictures.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Canadian Rose--yes, I will share photos when Eden climber blooms. I adore her also.

TNY--when you and I figure out Mother Nature's secrets of blooming, we will get rich--but til then, we will just have to conclude that she in a contrarion, don't you think? Tis odd, the reverse pattern.

kathy--if I remember correctly, I read that they had an auction for rich folks --they could bid for the naming right to the rose. A Mrs. Sackler wanted a special birthday present for her husband Mortimer, so she paid an outrageous sum (I forget how much) for the naming rights--and named it after her husband Mortimer Sackler as her birthday present to him. (Still a strange name, isn't it!)

queenbee--I predict you will love Mortimer, but just a word of warning. If I'm remembering correctly, Mortimer didn't do much the first couple years. Third year his blooming really took off.

Thanks for all your comments everybody.


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They are all beautiful. William Shakespeare 2000 is one of my favorite reds.

The clematis is wonderful.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

How Gorgeous Kate! Wowza, so many blooms!

In global warming times, my tea rose yes, in Zone 5!!!! survived with fully green canes, not a single dieback! Roses kept breaking dormancy constantly during winter. Then starting at the end of February I got fully developing leaves, lol! I am about ready to post the roses that I failed to post in terms of last-blooming and my first one to fully open for 2012 is Clementina Carboniera (April 3)which is bursting with buds... March 30th was actually when the bud was in "tulip form". Smells just like my beloved long gone Gemini (sob!).....but the form of course is just like a classic tea rose. Looks like I can test more teas in my garden now, lol! I went and change my climate zone too... Weather's been crazy!!! Had to put on the Air Conditioning to 3 days ago...It's cool and sunny now, but it was starting to get roasty awhile back, lol! Everything is loaded with buds so I'm going to have wazoos of lopsided blooms coming soon, hahaha!

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Kate, fantastic flowers and pics! Love the WS 2000 color. The clematis is a perfect purple complement too!


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