Rose Midge

marcindy(z5b, Indianapolis, IN)January 18, 2006

Hello fellow rose growers. The last year almost put me over the edge... I was about to torch my rose garden, ground and bushes and all. I had a grand total of five blooms from about 40 bushes. For the entire year! The rest fell victim to JB and Rose Midge. Not even the first flush of flowers made it, due to a warm spring that activated the RM weeks earlier than usual. Whichever flower bud made it past the armies of RM was devoured by JB. Though I must say my Milky Spore applications seemed to have dented the population numbers some, not nearly as many beetles as in the years before. Can you believe it, those blasted RM have actually moved the JB problem to second place in my hierarchy of pests. Now, I read every discussion strand on here about RM, but I am still not sure what y'all can recommend that works and doesn't cost you a fortune. What are some tried and true sprays or methods to at least stand a chance for a few blossoms. Heck, I am at the point where I consider a standing order of roses each week from a florist, it would be cheaper and less frustrating... ok I stop venting now. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. BTW, I don't even look at rose catalogs or roses in nurseries anymore... maybe I'll convert my rosegarden into a JB resistant perennial bed...



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IÂve found that spiders do an effective job to keep my rose bushes mostly free from many damaging insects, including the midge maggots  on rose tips in the developing cycle before they drop to the ground to pupae. "Plant" more spiders on the rose bushes. Naturally, spiders will populate the bushes where they are not affected by pesticides. BTW, spiders are no match for JB.

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I get them here and there and are probably under good control because I do now get a healthy amount of bug eaters. But I still have trouble with my Just Joey. (Are your roses hybrid teas? They seem to like mine better than other roses.) It is not very vigorous and any damage makes it more substantial. I have found spraying with a horticultural oil/insecticidal soap mix on a regular basis will get me blooms.

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Get some Merit granules and apply it to the beds. It will kill the midge lavaes and cna kill the jap beetles larvae, and help kill the adults by being systemic. It is sold as Bayer Tree and Shrub Insect Control, if you want to spray it or use as a soil drench.

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What should I do if I keep my roses in my dorm? (I have mini roses from the grocery store.)

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