Do berries survive?

muddykoinzMay 31, 2009

I am back. Will raspberries and blackberries survive the winter here?

Update on our labor: The garden is slowly coming out. Potatoes, radish, and onions are leading the pack. Corn is starting to emerge but I am worried about being knee high by the 4th. Melons are looking good as well are the tomatoes, and the cucumbers are struggling. I think I will replant this morning.

Thanks for the advice to replant my rhubarb in ammended soil. Can I plant rhubarb all season? Love it.

I have a bunch of room to plant more edible plants. Please give me suggestions that are fun for the kids. My 6 year old has his own garden and its doing the best out of all. Go figure.

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Yes! At least, up here, my berries are very happy. I have raspberries--not sure what kind as they were here when we got here, and strawberries. They both receive full sun and we have a ton of raspberry bushes behind the house that never get direct sun and are almost always in shade. They seem to grow bigger berries. Not sure if that is because they are a different variety or not. Goose berries grow all over and we have one in the shade that gets tons of berries.

But, I forget where you are. We have it about ten to fifteen degrees cooler during the summer here.

I'll let someone else give kid-friendly suggestions as I don't really know. I read "My 6 year old has his own garden and its doing the best out of all. Go figure." out-loud to my guy and he laughed and said that the same goes for his boss. Her ten year old boy has the best garden of the whole family!!

Welcome back,


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CSU only recommends red and yellow raspberries (of the bramble fruits) for Colorado but I'm trying blackberries anyway. I expect to have to mulch and somewhat shelter the blackberries somewhat though they are hardy in zone 5. I think the biggest issue may be that they fruit on year old canes and the canes are what will need protection.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tales of a Transplanted Gardener

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Greenbean 08

I love your journal. It looks like we are neighbors. We live in Meridian Ranch and from the pix it looks like you live in Woodmen Hills?

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Thanks Muddykoinz,
Good guess- you're close, but we're actually in Falcon Hills. If I were in Woodmen Hills, I'll bet the HOA would be after me all the time :-)

It's nice to know someone else is out here too!

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Rhubarb is a perennial, so you should only have to plant it once, then harvest it as it gets to the right size.

I haven't grown rhubarb for a long time, but if I remember correctly, you want to plant it and let it grow the first year without harvesting any. It needs the first year to develop roots. After the first year, when stalks ripen, you need to pull them. If you cut them, the roots can rot. We always used to take a knife out with us, pull a stalk, cut off the bottom and the leaf and just leave them right there to feed the soil.

As a rhubarb plant matures, you will occasionally want to dig it up, split the root and replant them. When you do that, you want to give the new plants a year of growth before harvesting, so don't divide all your plants the same year.

You probably already know to stay away from the leaves. They're poisonous. They're fine to compost, just don't eat them.

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I bought two Fall Gold Raspberry bushes today. Do the self pollenate or do I need to plant them close to each other?

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