How 'carefree' is Carefree Wonder?

LamKinsJanuary 10, 2005

I'm just wondering if anyone in the hot/humid south grows this rose and just how carefree it truly is? I fell madly in love with it last week.

All I ever do for my roses is fertilize with manure and will spray with a weak vinegar/water solution. I used this solution last year and was very pleased with the stopped blackspot and powdery mildew dead in it's tracks. My point is would this rose do ok with this regimen?

Any feedback on this rose appreciated including how much sun it's in.

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It pretty good, but not as good as Carefree Beauty (also sold as Katy Road Pink), the rose the Meilland folks were trying to duplicate when they developed Carefree Wonder.

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Thanks, Field. I'll probably give her a try.

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I would definitely agree. 'Carefree Beauty' is very easy to grow, and is completely BS free in humid zone 7b. Would highly recommend it. Will even do well in some shade.

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My Carefree Wonder got blackspot every year and defoliated -- I just took it out. I never tried the vinegar solution, however.

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Thats good to hear as I just planted an own-root Buck Carefree Beauty last week. Hoping its as trouble free as they say. Fingers crossed.

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