Denver Urban Gardens and Their Work

dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)May 21, 2010

So last night we were at the 25th anniversary party for Denver Urban Gardens. Tom Vilsack sent a video, lots of speakers, Colo First Lady attended, Hickenlooper (Denver Mayor) wrapped up the speakers. Wonderful venue, lots of kind, motivated people, great food. Great night.

What was key for many was a short film wrapping up a 6-year research project on human health and gardens, and how everyone in the vid talked about how much better they felt when gardening. The research - first papers out soon - quantified these health and wellness benefits.

I wanted to get up on that stage and share my observation that, on RMG, there are much more exclamation points and smiley emoticons when people describe gardening, community gardens, sharing their bounty, swapping plants. I didn't gat a chance to share but I didn't need to, as that was obvious to all in the room.


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The funny thing is that gardening is not just exercise, beautification and food growth, it is pleasing. I'm curious as to what those research papers will say!

I like working in my garden, I even like staring out the window at it. Each time I leave the house or come back to it, I find myself smiling while staring at my plants.

Isn't a smile supposed to release serotonin? Our dog handlers, who really helped with one of our more "rescued" dogs, told us that. It helps when we smile at our dog, it makes him smile more! I even smile at just the idea of going out to pop weeds!!

Thanks for sharing this.


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