Apple Rose ?

bluesky_girl(Z6a)January 1, 2009


Anyone growing Rosa Villosa - the apple rose? I read in the Edible Landscape forum that that is a good rose to grow for its hips. But I'm having a hard time locating some seed. So anyone here growing it by any chance ? Or perhaps have a different rose to recommend for its hips? Not just ornamental but one good for eating.....



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Any of the Rosa Rugosa will produce edible hips.

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I am growing this rose. I am also trying to start some seeds of it. So far they haven't germinated...I don't think. I'll have to check. If I have any extra hips on the bush, I can send you some seeds.


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well, not exactly any rugosa but many.
Scabrosa, alba, rubra and dagmar are the most geneorous hips maker. Also some of the pavement rugosas do.
Other hybrids such as hansa produce only very few hips.
Other hybrids such as roseraie de l'hay, conrad ferdinand meyer, robusta and grootendorst do not produce any hips at all.

All these hips are edible, you can use them to make jam, they are rich in vitamines.

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