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BeeGee74May 24, 2014

Is there a perennial that will climb a trellis or such to provide additional privacy? The area is rocked and has clay soil, but if that has to be modified I am willing to put in the work. I am hoping for something pretty yet easy to maintain since I have no irrigation in that area. Wouldn't want something to out of control, yet thick enough to provide privacy.

Some background for the idea:

I have annoying neighboring dogs that continuously bark when I am trying to enjoy my patio. There is a privacy fence and a tall lavender bush that covers a section of the fence. The slats on the fence are spaced just under 1/4". I have learned that they bark when they "see" me/us from in between the slats. My idea is to place these trellises with climbing foliage to block their view into my yard so we can have some peace and quiet.

I have exhausted all other efforts, truly. Now I am going the route on working from my side of the fence whilst beautifying my area.

In advance I appreciate your advice.

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Clematis, climbing roses, wisteria, silver lace vine, honeysuckle, trumpet vine, virginia creeper, possibly hops...

Also see this website:

I will say that you might need to be careful planting against your back fence. My very annoying neighbor actually sprayed herbicide on my side of the fence, killing just about everything I had planted there, including a couple of climbing/vining plants that were for privacy.

You can also try tall bushy plants instead of or in addition to vines and climbers.

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I don't know if vines will help, the dogs would likely bark at any noise.

Anyway, I have a lot of clematis here. They do very well in the climate - Jackmanii with the purple flowers thrives here. They take a good 3 - 4 years to get going, but when they do,

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Proceed with caution!

I have a Virginia creeper that was planted by the former owner of my house. My former neighbor didn't like it. It expanded its territory to cover his side of our shared privacy fence. He asked me to keep it in check and it was a chore.

That said, I really like it. It is hardy and leafy, and turns bright red in fall. It also produces berries for the birds.

I guess the question is WWTNT? (What will the neighbors think?)


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I love my Silver Lace, even if it can be invasive. My neighbors love it too, not only for their own privacy, but because they get to enjoy the blooms as well!

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