Royal Purple Smokebush

valygirlMay 29, 2014

An article on e-How advises to to feed your smoke bush a 10-10-10 fertilizer 3 times a year in March, June & August (during the first year of growth). I am in Grand Junction, where the temperatures are going into the 90's. Could anyone who has these shrubs tell me if you have done this fertilizing & if it would harm them to apply in hot weather? Thank you.

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Hi Valygirl,

I have either smoke trees or bushes - bushes I think - and they are doing fine without fertizing. I have to admit, however, that I am lousy at fertilizing. I always forget!
I'm in Colorado Springs, so our temps do not get quite as high as yours. I love my smoke bushes!,

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I have one - I mulch it with grass clippings, which deteriorate at about the right rate to keep the plant growing nicely.

They take a good three years just sitting there building roots, then they take off the 3rd year.

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I have two smokebushes. I spray them a couple of times each year with fish emulsion when I spray my garden. But I think they would do fine without it. Three times a year sounds like overkill to me.

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