Lots of Roses

mashamclApril 21, 2010

Here are some of my modern and Austin roses.

Imagine. This is a Clements shrub going on two years old. I am very impressed with it now, it shows more petals and a much more saturated color than last year. Absolutely no disease, unfortunately no fragrance either:-(

Elle. Another very clean rose and the only reason why I keep her. I just can't fall in love with the blooms, I don't know why.

Carding Mill, also very healthy, very prolific

Golden Celebration - one of my best roses

Comtesse de Provence

Gruss an Aachen

Abraham Darby

April in Paris

Here it is enjoying the view

Bishop's Castle

Singin' the Blues - the first bloom. None of Angel Face's ruffles so far, but a strong and very pleasant fragrance. The color seems to be exactly the same.

Sheila's Perfume


Rotes Meer (Purple Pavement)


Pope John Paul II

Crown Princess Margareta climbing an arbor

Thanks for looking!


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Oh come on Masha!!! How can you have SO MANY entrancing blooms? Those stuffed roses are out of this world!!!!!! I also especially like April in Paris. I bought that rose once, but never got to see it bloom - my husband backed out over the potted rose and dragged it down the street, while I ran after screaming like a crazy woman! :) So it's especially nice to see it.

I'm going back up for another look - be right back! :)

Incredible. That's all I can say!


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Gorgeous, beautiful-to-the-max roses and photography Masha! I remember you saying you aren't fond of April-in-Paris and Elle, but I am really puzzled about why you don't like your Elle! She is as beautiful as can be! If you had been my neighbor, I would have grabbed her right away and say please give it to me then, hee-hee! To me she has the perfection of form and gradations of pink, apricot and that touch of gold--my absolute favorite color combinations to be found in one rose and that's why she is my personal favorite out of your roses. Plus I hear she's got strong fragrance! What better thing than this!

Crown Princess Margarite is looking fantastic. I love the reds of Trumpeter. Now if only Lincolns could grow that many buds all at once I'd have fragrance and red heaven, LOL! My Lincolns are preparing buds very happily, but no amazing proliferation like that of course, hee-hee!

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Wow! Amazing roses and amazing photographs. Too many favorites for me to decide.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Oh my gosh, Masha your roses are amazing!!! What an abundance of flowers you have to enjoy, it is hard to believe how prolific they bloom for you. I always think you are a rose magician.

To me the first shot of the Clements rose is so pretty!

I love your Carding Mill. It is unbelievable how loaded this rose is still with buds.

April in Paris has the perfect coloration!

Bishop's Castle is my favorite from your series today. I have to get that rose and I will :-)!

I am very interested in Singin' the Blues. The color looks like the ideal lavender and I like that it doesn't have any of the mauve tones on the edges that Angel Face has. I am also not very into the ruffles of AF. For my personal taste Singin' the Blues might be a much better rose. Do I have to get another rose? Hmm... Please keep us updated if StB stays mauve and ruffle free! I also would be interested to hear about the disease resistance of StB, since AF is really plagued with powdery mildew here.

I love Purple Pavement and I can't wait until the little sucker that I got from you is blooming for me for the first time. For now it is really nice to see his moma!

Great shot of Pope John Paul II. White roses are always so hard to photograph, but you got the job done!

Looking already forward to more of your rose pics!


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Thank you, everybody!

Carol, I am sorry about your April in Paris, you gave me a good laugh though:-). I would certainly be screaming like a crazy woman if my husband did that.

Serena, thank you, and if you lived next to me, my Elle would be yours:-). I just can't figure out what the color is, not quite pink not quite apricot. The fragrance is strong, but kind of weird to me.

Thank you, Kathy.

Christina, you are right about Singin' the Blues not having those edges. I didn't notice it before you mentioned it - I guess I am a little disappointed that it doesn't look more like its advertizing picture although of course the description mentions that it keeps the color of Angel Face. It has been clean for me so far, but I have not had mildew issues at all this year because of this weather we have been having, so still can't say.


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Crown Princess Margareta is the perfect color. The blossoms are precious too. Thanks for showing us the shrubs too- I love the way your Trumpeter looks against your green grass.

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blendguy(Oxford, England)

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them.

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Renee, we must have been writing at the same time. Thank you for your comments. CPM has been a good rose for me, clean and blooms well. My only regret is that I can detect absolutely no fragrance from it (and I have two of them! and they are both pretty big). Every time I look at 10 or so excellent fragrance ratings on the HMF I get upset:-(. Trumpeter is a very nice landscaping rose - never any disease, fast rebloom, no crisping in the heat, no fading either.


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Ooooh Masha, I knew when I opened this thread it was going to be BEAUTIFUL!! I was going to order Imagine but I believe it was sold out when I tried or it might be one I had to cut back on from trying to order tooo many. ha ha!! I love the english roses the most. I hope, hope, hope my Carding Mill blooms like your baby. Now I have to say I love my Elle. It pops out blooms all summer even with limited sun. Once summer gets here my yard is limited big time so I cherish anything that gives me pretty blooms to look at. Thanks for sharing all your beauties, Judy

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Oh Masha! I love 'em ALL!! But I reeeeally love IMAGINE! And that shot of SHEILA'S PERFUME is killer!!!

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Thank you, Judy and Beth.

Judy, I don't blame you for deciding not to order Imagine. I thought the Heirloom picture was really nothing special and I bought it because the description said "extremely fragrant". Well, not so far, but I did fall in love with the color. I am glad you like your Elle, perhaps I need to reconsider:).

Beth, I know you like the odd ball ones. I am just beginning to like them:). I ordered Heinrich Wenland from Vintage this past winter - no blooms so far, but I liked what I saw on HMF. Have you seen that one?


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Thank you for sharing your feeling about Elle's bloom. I have the same feeling about Abraham Darby. Like the blooms very much but it is the fragrance that sells me on it. And Graham Thomas enchants me but not Golden Celebration.

Where does Gruss an Aachen fall on the swoon-scale?

Love Purple Pavement's color.

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Wow, absolutely sensational roses! Just can't decide which my favourite was, but Abe did make my mouth water and Imagine made me catch my breath, they are both so beautiful. Also love Carding Mill. How do you grow them so well? They look so healthy. You must be very proud and happy with your garden.

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Thank you, blendguy.

Iris-gal, funny how personal our rose choices are. I would grow GC but not GT:-). I love Gruss an Aachen but find its color very difficult to match.

Sanju, thank you, my roses only look so good in spring, and only if spring is cold and wet:-). If spring is hot and dry, mildew is everywhere, and by the end of summer, thrips and salt accumulation from out alkaline water make the leaves look very ugly.


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Your roses are lovely-----

thanks so much for sharing

You mentioned your roses only look good in the spring---Do you have any strong enough to be good all summer??


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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

wow, your garden is gorgeous! wow!

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Great photos, great roses! Makes me want to grow Crown Princess M.

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Thank you, Florence, aimeekitty and huttnem.

Florence, out of my 100 or so roses, I would say Elle, Regensberg and Trumpeter are pretty much bullet proof. Golden Celebration, Crown Princess Margareta and Pat Austin also have pretty good foliage. Rozette Delizy is another clean one, so is Penelope, and the rugosas (provided I don't forget the sulphur). But I love all of them anyway!


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Spectacular pics of April in Paris. I love the fragrance of this rose.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW!! what some gorgeous roses. They are just beautiful, especially that one with the gorgeous mountain view in the background...Fantastic roses.


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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Masha, as usual superb and gorgeous pictures. For me Abraham Darby and Bishop's Castle are my favorites, and fortunately I have both of them. This year for the first time I detected fragrance in Carding Mill but in the cool weather the blooms at first almost looked too strong in color, but I'm sure the heat will take care of that in a very short while.

You really have a variety of rose classes which is what I like best. It does make for a more interesting garden, doesn't it?


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Thank you, Ingrid. I am glad you find Carding Mill fragrant now, for me the fragrance has always been strong. As for variety, unfortunately, I find roses very hard to resist:-) - the roses I don't like are a tiny minority. I hope it makes for an interesting garden, I know it makes for a very crowded one:-).


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You truly have some outstanding roses, I definitely like Golden Celebration and Trumpeter due to their color. Your Crown Princess Margareta is awesome, looks like the flower heads hold up nicely on the stems, I got a CPM last year and the flower heads droop a bit, but been told that should improve over time. Again lovely roses.

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Gahhh I wanted Carding Mill so badly this year as a container rose, but am spacially and financially challenged, so I can't get it yet. Trumpeter looks red as red can be...very intoxicating pictures.

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Thank you, sweetvenge and jeffcat.

Sweetvenge, I hope you like your CPM - I have two:-). I find that the blooms begin to nod as they get older, but she is nearly not so bad as some other Austins here.

Jeffcat, I am not sure about Ohio, but here Carding Mill is flawless - fragrant, clean, heat-tolerant, good rebloomer. I hope you will get one eventually. I am "spacially challenged" too, so I am trying not to get excited about anything new anymore:-(


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