Banana peppers turning purple

MegA82(7)September 15, 2013

My hot bananas are turning purple. Any ideas as to why? The flavor is still good, although seriously mild thanks to all the rain.

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Just a little sunburn. It's the plants way to defend against intense sun. They'll ripen up just fine, you won't notice the burn.

Fairly common on most pepper varieties. Here's a shot of a couple of my Datil's last year:

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Makes sense!! Thanks for the knowledge. I swear this time next year I won't be such a newbie at all this :)

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I've been growing for years and I'm still learning. You'll never know everything BUT, you'll learn more each year you stick with it. That's what keeps growing peppers fun!

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Definitely enjoying growing peppers. Besides my mesclun lettuce mix in early summer, they've been the only crop to survive the record rainfall here (we surpassed our 2012 TOTAL by early July this year) as well as the deer apocalypse that occurred before I got a fence up.

Sadly because of the excess rain all of my "hot" peppers might as well be bell peppers. I had to stay lame and go with what I could get my hands on at Lowe's this year as we moved into our home May 1 and I had my garden built and planted within 10 days. Ended up with several color bells, hot banana, hot cherry, jalapeños and habañeros. The habs are nice and hot and taste delicious- just sample my first one today. The others are so mild it's sad!

Next season I plan on getting my seeds from Ed Currie of Puckerbutt (of Carolina Reaper fame). He's about 1/2 mile down the road from me and besides the Carolina Reaper he has engineered several varieties to perform well in our specific microclimate of little Fort Mill, SC. Looking forward to growing some crazy things next year with hopefully less rain!!

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I wish Ed Currie would quit making crosses, renaming (branding) them, and especially releasing his named/renamed creations to the public before stabilizing....and I'm not even talking about the Carolina Reaper (which has it's own set of questions/issues related to how stable it is given the amount of variation, backlash, and public relations responses about the issue).

The marketing is getting in the way of the breeding...

I'm not saying he shouldn't be doing his thing...I'm just saying he's dumping a lot of stuff on the market that's muddling up the market.

For a guy who's complained about how 7-Pots and T.Scorpions have too much variation and confusion over what's true and not, he's not helping things by releasing stuff too early just for the sake of doing it first or having something "new" to throw around the market.

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