White Rose - Antique style?

mgilbuenaApril 7, 2009

When I purchased my house it came with several neglected rose bushes. I forgot to take photos prior to pruning them so I am enclosing what few pictures I have of them in varying states of neglect :)

This rose is a white rose that has an antique-style bloom. It is highly fragrant and is a pale pink color when closed, blooming to a white color.

What sort of rose do you think this might be?

Image link:

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Does it look like it might naturally want to be a climber? The flowers look a little like my Mme. Alfred Carriere.

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Go to picasa.com and sign up for a free photo account.
The pictures remind me of Redoute, but I can't see the pictures good enough and would love to see each photo by itself.

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I think it's Madame Alfred Carrier, too.

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But the leaves color and bush structure is all wrong for Mme Alfred. I used to grow it like a bush and it looked very different.

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