Has anyone used Rose Pharm?

theseasidegardenerFebruary 9, 2007

I would like to ask for help moving into organic care of roses. I have a client who has about 200 roses on her property. She is my last hold out on going all organic in my business. I would like to use a product that has a proven track record. I heard about Rose Pharm and I was wondering if anyone has had good results with this product. Any other product selections would be greatly appreciated.


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Rather than spend time, energy, and money spraying stuff around to try to prevent my roses, or other plants, from becoming infected with plant diseases or being bothered by insect pests I grow them in a good healthy soil that is well amended with organic matter, and periodically tested for nutrient balance, so the only time I need concern myself with these problems is when I bring a new rose in form the nursery.

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I've used it, and I think it gives reasonably good control of insect pests such as aphids. Some roses might have their leaves burned by it, so it should be used with caution on certain cultivars.

Hard to tell if it was effective on blackspot.

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