Need very disease resistant roses have koi

cheemaFebruary 3, 2008

I have a koi pond and can't use any chemicals. I need guidance from anyone willing to share what is best in my climate. Humid and hot in the summer and down to freezing in the winter. In the ground so far I have Polka, Parade, Joseph's coat, moonlight,prosperity, mdm. Isaac Pereire,bourbon queen, red cascade,american beauty climber,buff beauty,province panchee, la malmaison,maiden's blush,arethusa,ispahan,ville de Bruxelles,falstaff,nymphenburg,general kleber,Irish hope,leverkuusen,Tessof d'uberville,graham thomas,veilchenblau,parade,polka,setina,paul neyron,dame de cour, crepuscule. I have ordered for spring delivery Hansa,Mrs.Doreen Pike,Rosarie de l'Hay,Magnificent perfume,stars n stripes forever,The poet,westerland,fragrant masterpiece,royal amber, Joyce Barden,Mrs.william Paul,felicite parmentier,Great maiden's blush,konigen von Denmark. I know this is a very long list and I have tried my best to research but was hoping my garden friends could also be helpful. I will say that arethusa, crepuscule, setina,falstaff,prosperity, graham thomas,setina,queen of bourbon, none of these seem to be doing very well. I could also use feeding advice, too! Thank you for your advise. I am two years new in the rose garden!!!

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Any rose grown in a good healthy soil will grow strong and healthy and be much less susceptible to plant diesease or insect pests. Planting any rose in "normal" soils (soils with very low levels of organic matter) and feeding them synthetic fertilizers (think drugs) will result in plants that need constant attention to stave off diseases and pests.
Work on your soil and make it a good healthy soil and the results will be amazing.

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Marchesa Boccella/ Jacques Cartier is one of the best of the Antique roses. It can get blackspot late in the season, but still grows and blooms well. The fragrance is out of this world.

I grow a mix of Hybrid Perpetuals, Damask Perpetuals, Bourbons and Austin roses, and a few others.

Rugosas are resistant to blackspot.

Bubble Bath is a Hybrid Musk that tends to resist blackspot.

I like to use organic rose foods that have alfalfa in them.

I also like Neptune's Harvest as a soil drench.

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The roses you mention "not doing very well" include several that take 2 to 3 years to establish. Hang in there, some of the best roses may not seem very resistant initially. And many take awhile to build up to a nice size & get bushy.

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