lavender or purple?

catlady4444(7)March 5, 2010


The record snows this year crushed my knockout roses, so, since I wasn't thrilled with the color I chose anyway, I'm ripping them out.

I used to know someone who had a vivid violet rugosa rose she obtained from a roadside in Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket (I don't remember.) It was perfect for purple-obsessed me. Does anyone know of this rose or know how I can get some? Or, has anyone tried J&P Lavender Simplicity Hedge Rose?

I don't want anything FUSSY. I strongly prefer anything that leans toward purple, though a pink will suffice if my search falls through....

Thank you in advance!


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Well, R. rugosa (yes, that's the name) is purple/lavender. Then, there is Hansa.

I wouldn't grow a Simplicity again. Some have said that Lavender Simplicity is disease resistant, but I don't have first-hand knowledge. Purple/lavender is hard to find in a disease resistant rose. Not knowing what area of the country you are in (7A isn't enough), it is hard to tell what might work.

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Thanks Diane!

I'm in Maryland, close to the Chesapeake Bay.

Both of those roses are gorgeous---I think I'd be happy with either one!

I was suspicious of Simplicity only because I used to grow hybrid teas and I know how hard lavenders are to grow. The first hurdle is trusting their photos, and the 2nd hurdle is getting it to thrive.

I'll read about both of these and try to make a decision!

Thank you so much,


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Hi Ann,

I can't really help answer your question, but was curious.

I think we are in the same do you know they are "crushed"? Just asking...I'm fairly new to all of this but planted several knockouts last spring/summer. Was looking them over this weekend and wondering if they were ok or not and how to help them... They look pretty sad, but didn't know if that was normal or not.

Best of luck with your new plants!

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Ann, try posting on the Antique Roses forum. A woman named Olga posts there (along with a few more folks from MD/VA), she lives in your area, and would have more recommendations. Add your location.

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Diane, I will post there---thanks!

The main branches on mine are broken due to 2 + 2 feet of snow. I admit that if I loved them, I'd probably just prune them and let them re-grow, but I was never thrilled with the color, so now is my chance (my excuse) to start over.

If the branches on yours aren't broken, you should be fine. If they are broken, you can try just trimming them up and see what happens!

Good luck,


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I'm late to the party here, but I thought I'd mention a purple rose I grew when I lived in Indiana that was gorgeous, fragrant, and not fussy. I got it from Jackson & Perkins - Melody Parfumee - and had wonderful luck with it. Can only grow rugosas with dependability in NH, and miss that one!

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Ann- There are some dark purple/crimson roses out there...many in fact. Some are gallicas (bloom once) some are portlands (bloom all summer) and there are some rugosas. For gallicas, Belle de Crecy actually changes color from dark pink to purple to lavender/blue/grey (I got two for the nieces' fairy garden) and Cardinal Richelieu is supposed to be a very dark purple color.

There are also lavender roses that are just beautiful! As you may have guessed, I share your lavender/purple obsession :)

Try Rogue Valley Roses-on their website, they list roses by color, shade tolerant, zone, etc. You might also look at Northland Rosarium. They have some spectacular rugosa roses and a beautiful photo of an Indigo rose (under old fashioned roses/portlands). I bought two based on that picture alone...and portlands rebloom!

Good luck with your search. Oh, and also check out Lavender Lassie and Excellenz von Schubert on the Rogue Valley Roses website. They both look lavender, but Lavender Lassie has 3" blooms, while Excellenz von Schubert has smaller blooms. Have fun :)

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Here's a picture of the Indigo rose from Northland Rosarium :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Indigo rose

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Purple/lavender roses that have done well for me in SE MI are Blue Girl, Angel Face, heirloom and paradise (pink and lavender). The Blue girl has been particularly hardy. Good luck.

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lolear(5b - Chicago)

Ebb tide looks fabulous!

Here is a link that might be useful: ebb tide rose

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Blue Girl, Angel Face, Heirloom and Paradise are blackspot nightmares in the mid-Atlantic states. Tried 'em all here.

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I live in Indiana and Blue Girl has performed well for me so far. I posted a pic of the lavender shade; I love it! Blue Girl does not seem to be particularly fussy but I regulary spray, fertilize, deadhead, etc. I think Barbara Streisand is very pretty but cannot attest to how fussy it is.

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purple is nice

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