urine as fertilizer

Soon_Loo(6c Canada)March 16, 2005

has anyone tried out fertilizing their roses with urine? any tips? I had a dream about it last night and I decided to follow through with it! hahaha

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I do it all the time!! And my roses look great! There's alot of nitrogen in urine. And apparently the kidneys filter out any pathogens, so it's clean. I dilute it 10 parts water to one part urine. If I don't have a bucket or watering can nearby, I pour some under the rose and water with a hose until it's about 10 more parts water. At first you feel a bit odd about doing it, but then you realize that you are flushing down the toilet valuable nutrients that your plants could be utilizing. As Martha would say, "It's a good thing." I also give my roses chopped banana peels which contain phosphorus, and occasionally some alfalfa pellets from the feed store.

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I found a link which may be of interest to you. There's alot of material out there about urine as fertilizer. I only use it for ornamentals in my gardens.

Here is a link that might be useful: urine as fertilizer

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I'm just trying to imagine what my husband would say if he caught me peeing on my roses... But if I told him it's cheaper than buying chemical fertilizers he just might help me out;^)

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I am so excited about using urine to fertilize. I received and e-mail about this because I have an organic vegetable garden and my cucumbers started to have yellow leaves and I know this means lack of nitrogen. So I peed into a bucket added water and watered my cucumbers. Over night they turned a dark green and the little cucs which were yellow as well and fell off turned green and I now have cucumber growing dark green and large.

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Destany I think I would prefer to pee in a bottle inside the house just in case you have one of those peeping tom neighbors always looking into your yard and specially if you live in a neighborhood with 2 story houses. You dont want Jane or Joe wondering if your toilet is plugged lol. but yes urine does contain alot of nitrogen but it contains alot of Amonia too. its safe for trees or big bushes so it might be ok for a big rose bush with well established roots. Its not good for grass or small plants so I wouldnt recommend it for lets say a strawberry garden if you have one. The benefit over urine vs chemical nitrogen fertilizer would be that urine just doesnt cause long term damage to the soil unless you take prescription drugs or something and the chemical fertilizer leaves salts in your soil that cause long term damage. So for trees I let my dogs pee on every tree they see ;) but I also give them some treats they sell at the pet store that keeps the grass green and the dog's pee doesnt affect the lawn.

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