Mr. Blue Bird?

maple_man(z7 DC)May 24, 2006

It's a very old rose (i put it in a pot two years ago, before then the trunk was under ground)we think it was at the house in 1957 when we moved in. we think it was old then. we think it maybe 50 to 100 years old. it looks like a miniature called "Mr. Blue Bird" but that i think is a 1960 intro and this has got to be older then that.

Image link:

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maple_man(z7 DC)

Oops.. my photo has the wrong date. - the defalt when i changed the camera batteries. it should say 5-19-06. also i will will try to post a close up of flowers later.

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Wow, a bonsai rose!

Do the flowers have white centers? (I can't tell by the photo.) If so, it could be the polyantha Baby Faurax (1924) or the polyantha Raymond Privat (1935).

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maple_man(z7 DC)

Cecilia, i should have thought of you and taken it to the spring swap but i feared it would fry in the car. Yes, there is a little white at the very center but it's hardly noticeable. i have two photos of the flowers - may have to post them sepertly. As for color: On the H.R.S. colour chart it is Fan 2 - Red - Purple Group # 67 A or B (some of both) I also have 'Botanica's ROSES'book, (it's about two inches thick with ID photos of amost 2000 roses) and on page 591 is a photo of one called 'Mr. Bluebird' my rose bonsai looks just like that photo. I will make note of the two you pointed out and look them up. Thanks, ~ Brian

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I have looked at your other photos and this is definitely not 'Mr. Bluebird'. It is, however, some kind of Polyantha, but which one I don't know. There are many that look a lot like this. Good luck.


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