need id please

lisa_ch(6)May 28, 2006

I got this from the golf course where I worked one year. I have always just referred to it as a wild rose. But, I have no idea what it actually is. I love it though. I blooms profusely at this time of year. It does spread though and I have to divide it up from time to time.

Does any one know it's actual name?

Image link:

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Your photo resembles the one of Old Red Runaround on (see link). Vintage Gardens says that ORR (also known as "Little Red Runaround" and just "Red Runaround") is "found in more old gardens, cemetaries and roadsides than perhaps any other rose in America." It's supposed to be a small-flowered, very fragrant once-bloomer - does this description fit your rose? Don't know whether that one is hardy to Zone 6, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Red Runaround

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Thanks. It is possible that it is the red runaround. It looks alot like it. The only difference is that my blooms are redder but other than that it is close. I do know that it is hardy here in zone 6. I have had it for years and got it from a place that has had it alot longer.

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How about Rose de Rescht which is available at garden centers?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rose de Rescht

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