Can I put ferns outside for the summer?

ilovepinkMay 3, 2008

I have a deck that faces East. It gets most of it's sun obviously in the early a.m. Then during the day it gets hardly any direct light.

Could I hang ferns?

If not what suggestions do you have for hanging baskets? I have never had any good luck with flowers in this spot. My neighbor across from me always has the biggest most gorgeous geraniums!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Love Pink,

Yes, you should be able to hang ferns outside over summerÂbut not yet. IÂd say not until itÂs consistently around 50 or higher overnite, and, even then, be prepared to bring them in overnite if itÂs gonna get much colder.

When you do want to put them out, slowly acclimate them to the direct sun. Put them out for maybe a half hour the first couple days, then up to an hour for a couple days, and gradually a little bit longer to be sure you donÂt burn them. TheyÂd recover, but theyÂd probably look really bad for quite a while if they got sunburned. (The leaves on most plants will turn white looking if they get sunburnedÂnot sure about a fern.)

If you want to try something else, impatiens or begonias should work in the light conditions youÂre describingÂor coleus is another possibility. And for something trailing you could add some "vinca vine," the large leaf vinca (Vinca major) thatÂs sold with the bedding plants in spring. There are white variegated and yellow variegated ones that are real nice.

Does your neighbor also have an eastern exposure? If so, ask what kinds of geraniums she/he uses. There are geraniums that work well in hanging basketsÂivy geraniums, etc.Âbut I think theyÂd need more than a couple hours of direct sun. Not sure about that! You also might want to watch closely for a couple days to see if youÂre getting more sun than you think you are. If so, it could be that the plants youÂve tried in the past didnÂt like how they were being watered, and adjusting watering might make you more successful. Hanging baskets can be hard to manage in our dry climate.

Happy spring,

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