my red climber - more information and pix

carversdaughter(z7 NC)May 18, 2007

I have a red rose - said to be a climber - that I cannot name

blooms are red, but the colour in pix is not true, pix show more orange and this red has no orange - it is bright, sort of the colour of a cherry - it is *feel good* red - petals are same colour on reverse side - colour doesn't appear to change much as it ages

there is little to no fragrance

blooms singe, not clustered

I don't know if it repeats or not - last year it had one bloom, very late in the season

it was planted bare root in 2006 and the package said it was 2 years old then

I don't recall seeing the hip from the single bloom last year

as for leaves and leaflet number - I have pix of that in the album

thorns are small, brown and break off fairly easily, with some resistance

cane is green, slender, straight, upright and not what I would call pliable

I believe it is a climber

growth rate would be what I call medium - it doesn't take off but it is growing fairly well

right now it is a single cane almost 5' tall with two new canes coming up at base - new canes start out with bronze foliage

it seems to be fairly resistant to black spot - I have a problem with it on several of my other roses, but not this one

pix include the bloom, cane, leaf, leaflets, bud, stiple, underside of leaf, stamen, flower stem

Here is a link that might be useful: unknown red rose

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I cant help you but I was wondering how you know the age of the rose when you bought it?

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carversdaughter(z7 NC)

Iknow the age of the rose because on the wrapper [which I have since lost] said it was a 2 year old, field grown rose.

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