can this be 'seven sisters'

altoraMA(5/6 MA)May 26, 2005

it is supposed to be, but i'm not sure. the

buds open white and then are tinged with

pink. the petals are thin and curly.

sepals are sparsely fringed. the shape

of the leaf looks unusual to me. any



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altoraMA(5/6 MA)

does anyone have any ideas, at all?

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bebble(z8 E.TX)

It's quite hard to tell from just a leaf pic - how big is leaf, are there thorns on the underside, my seven sister has seven per grouping and is jagged and SMALL - red seven sister is smoother and longer - also what about the thorns on the stems themselves - are there very many - let me know...


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bebble(z8 E.TX)

I take that back - I counted in the dark last night when I read this - my seven sisters has nine leaves on it, and it THINK that red seven sisters is seven but after I came back from my trip I found that it missed me and was trying to throw it's leaves and turning them yellow :((

I just got both of mine this spring and they are in gallon pots so they're still young...I mostly remember my grandmother's friend having a fence full of them - tiny leaves, healthy, worry free, pnk wads of blooms, and she would stick them in the ground and they'd just sprout.

As soon as I find my camera I'll take a pic of the leaves for ya.

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