ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)March 19, 2013

Any luck with organic thrip control? Found great results with cornmeal for black spot control and would love any easy solution without chemicals. My garlic sprays ain't cutting it!! :(

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I recently came across a product called BotaniGard ES from BioWorks, They have an OMRI listed version called Mycotrol O. I hope this may be of some help.

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Mycotrol is quite expensive, and tests in Florida didn't give good control. It's also broad spectrum.

Regular use (weekly) of insecticidal soap, especially on the new growth, is probably the most dependable cheap control. Horticultural oil is essentially interchangeable.
This isn't realistic for most landscapers, nurseries, or growers.. but it's realistic for the dedicated home gardener.

Rotate in spinosad and neem oil (100% oil) every couple of weeks.

I also rotate with *fresh* garlic juice and karanja oil.

Pyrethrins should be avoided - not only do they not give control, thrips quickly develop resistance.

Many "essential oils" actually act as thrip attractants (both for Frankliniella and Scirtothrips species).

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