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growing_in_oh(5b)April 26, 2006

I have never grown roses before and have been reading all I can before I jump in. I think I would like to start with an ADR approved rose (rigorous German testing--no sprays or winter protection for a few years to earn their letters). Does anyone know of a US supplier of Kordes or Meilland roses? I was particularly interested in "Aprikola" by Kordes. I have tried to search, but keep getting all kinds of foreign websites and I have dial-up so it takes forever to find anything.

I also am wondering if any of you have an opinion on the ADR testing. It seems like the most "intensive" trials I've come across, but as I said, I'm new to all this. Since all the trials are in Germany does it mean nothing here? I have no idea what zones Germany encompasses.

I also find myself skeptical of the AARS roses since they seem to stick with hybrid teas which I understand require some chemical help in the best of circumstances. Am I right to ignore their picks if I want to keep as spray-free as possible?

Thank you for your help!


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elks(US5 Can6)

The ADR roses are a good bet in a cold zone like yours. They are generally a little hardier than others, and more disease resistent; however, the resistence would appear to be at the expense of fragrance.

Look for dealers who root on R. multiflora, or for hardier fare, R. canina, though you're not likely to find many of the later in N.A. Hortico has one of the largest catalogues of Kordes roses. Pickering also has many. A smaller nursery, Palatine, has recently started mail order, though I'm not sure whether they ship stateside. They produce the best grafted stock I know of, and have become one of Kordes testing nurseries on this side of the Atlantic.

Personally, I have as high a regard for Meilland roses, maybe higher.


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Steve--thanks for your help. I stayed up way too late last night doing searches on ADR roses and they seem to be hard to find. I did find the Meilland sight, but they didn't seem to list many of their ADR's. Who would you recommend that sells Meilland? Also, what do you prefer on the Meilland roses? I was only leaning toward a Korde because of the Aprikola and Lions-Rose varieties but I am not completely sold on those.

Thanks again,

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Take a look at Kordes at Ashdown Roses. Ashdown also has a mother plant of Aprikola, but it is not currently for sale. You can add your name to their "wait" list.

Not all of the AARS roses are HTs, there are many Shrub and Floribundas on the list. There are many other roses that are resistant, the Knock Out series, Home Run, Carefree Sunshine, etc. There are lists created by no-spray gardeners on the main Roses Forum and the Antique Roses Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aprikola at Ashdown Roses

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elks(US5 Can6)


I have many of both Kordes and Meilland. I also have a preferrence for shrubby roses because they make for good landscaping. I lose fewer canes on many of my Meilland roses than the Kordes, but both come back each summer.

This year is an exception. I have a giant Erfurt and Westerland in the spring! Usually, they are pruned to the ground. The Meillands, like Carefree Delight and Bonica are their usual selves, meaning without much dieback. The teas and floribundas have been pruned close to the ground, as usual, but I have a couple of Harkness roses, Escapade and Margaret Merrill, which still have some height to them.

And so it goes...


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Thank you Steve and Diane! I appreciate the help. I'm feeling like I'm out of time to plant for this year with May already here. Maybe if I get an order in in the next few days...

Thanks again--

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I work with Kordes roses as their agent for the USA (wholesale only). I visit the ADR trials each summer. Kordes has won more ADR awards than any other breeder.
I suggest that you contact either Palatine Roses (who has the most extensive list of varieties) or else Ashdown.
Yous should like Aprikola (called Apricot Vigorosa here in the USA). Lions Rose is nice as well.

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