Growing Peppers in the heat-how does that work?

esox07 (4b)September 4, 2011

How do you guys grow peppers in the high heat? My brother in law lives in San Antonio and it has been 100 plus every day for two months with little to no rain and basically no clouds. We had a streak of a couple weeks of high 90's up here and it took it's toll on my peppers and we even had humidity unlike places like Texas. Seems a lot of peppers are native to Mexico so why is the heat such an issue with them? Or is it just the varieties? My peppers are growing like crazy again and putting out just tons of new blooms and almost all are pollinating with very few blossom drops. It is clearly the temps. We have been mid 80's to mid 70's for a few weeks now and the peppers are loving it. Problem is, now we are already due for a stretch of low 40's for lows. If we hadn't had the unseasonably high head in July, I think my peppers would putting out a second round of ripe pods about now. Seems that heat is a killer and I can't imagine trying to deal with 100's every day for two months.


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Complainin' just like a farmer.

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yes, the high heat is quite a challenge, particularly here in So. Fl, although we're fortunate to have the high humidity too (like Mexico). These past two months have been brutal on our bhuts but we kept well hydrated and often did our misting during sunset when temperatures started to cool and within an hour or so plants perk up. Our large plants get pretty full sun, but smaller plants get more shade because summer months are too strong.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Shade and hydration, and proper soil volume (if in containers), is about all one can do.
During the peak of the summer heat, my plants slow their growth to a crawl. Then I just wait
until Fall weather for the next explosion of growth. Thankfully, my plants produce through October.


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like you all in NorCal, we also have delayed boom in our fruit -- summer is pretty weak but we're starting to see some pick up and things swing into full production in October. Depending on how cold it gets in the winter, we can see fruit all fall/winter/spring --- it's the summer months that are pretty non-productive for us :)

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Bruce. My peppers produce all year around. Even in the heat of the summer. I think it's all about keeping them hydrated and not too much late afternoon sunlight. I do agree about the new mexico type peppers and high heat and humidity. All of mine have struggled through the mid summer. My chinese love it!

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yes, we do get quite a bit of afternoon sun, which can take a bit of a punch, so we try to keep watered super regular. of course on days like today, with mega afternoon rains, it's all good!

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All of my peppers are on round 2. I was very surprised with my bell peppers, which I completely emptied, and now they are full again, and the fruit is growing super fast. I also emptied my jalapenos, and they are putting on some serious fruits now, and like Bruce, all of the blossoms have been staying intact, and converting to peppers. I am seeing a possible second harvest just as big as my first, and usually I only get one large flush. I've already got 12 pints of pickled jalapeno rings, and it's looking like 12 more soon to come!


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esox07 (4b)

Gotta love this Midwest September weather ehhh? Too bad it doesn't last another three months. I have a ton of Long Red Slims in my second crop that are nearly full sized. My Habanero is packed again but still has a few first harvest pods left. My Hungarian Wax plants both were completely empty of pods and even buds a few weeks ago but are packed with new pods about half size now with many big blooms still coming. My Charleston still has a few first round pods left and just started putting out a few new blooms. My Bhuts Still have over half the first round pods left but have added a whole lot more new ones in the last few weeks. I am sad to say that I am gonna lose a lot of peppers to the onset of cold weather but I am hoping to get a good batch off the Hung wax before it is all done. Even if they are not completley ripe, I still love them pickled and sliced for sandwiches.

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Yep, you can pickle any size pepper, and they turn out good. I'll be wiping everything out when frost comes, although I don't have to worry about my tomatoes, they seem to have shut down with the low 40's at night. I just clipped a couple of softball size bell peppers this afternoon, with more on the plants. I am also getting plenty of cukes, pickle cukes, beans, and zucchini, although I can see they are all slowing down a bit. I am pretty excited for fall kohlrabi, carrots, and radishes though, so I hope we have a long, cool fall, and not an instant winter like usual. At least I'll have plenty of pickled peppers to last through winter.


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