red climbing roses

pamela_mMay 17, 2010

Hi all! My husband and I purchased our first home in November, and within the last month or so, a large tangled bush on a side fence in our back yard has burst into blooms. There's a trellis behind it; I'm assuming this is a climber, although it appears to have overgrown the trellis and is now tangled and falling over into the yard. I'm also pretty sure there are actually two varieties of rose in this tangle. I think that one may be a Dortmund (first picture) but I have no clue what the second is. I'm also unsure of what to do with them--if they are climbers, as I imagine, what should they be climbing on? They're very pretty roses and I don't want to kill them, but I have no experience with roses and I'm not sure what the last house owners had planned for these flowers.

First rose:

Second rose:

And this is what the whole mess looks like:

And from the side:

I can take more pictures if necessary--just let me know what to photograph. And thanks in advance for any help that anyone can provide!

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bebble(z8 E.TX)

I won't be able to be of much help - however, if you can happen to add if they have a scent and info on color and shape of the leaves and thorns (if there are many) ...and if the new growth is green or red it can help narrow things down :) (It's how they helped me in the past)

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Your single-petaled rose isn't Dortmund. I grow Dortmund and it has a white center. To me it looks a lot like Altissimo. See the link below.

Let me think about the second one. Who knows, maybe it's a seedling of the first!

Here is a link that might be useful: Altissimo on Helpmefind

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Is the second rose a "bluer" red than the single-petaled one? Maybe it's Blaze or Improved Blaze.

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Hello Pamela_m And All others.
Pamela I believe the first rose is the Altissimo Climbing rose. And the Second is My favorite rose climber so far the "Blaze Climbing rose"... Glad to help

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