cambel(z6-7a DC)April 14, 2012

I used to use Bayer 3 in 1, and I do have to say, no pests, very little blackspot, however, I had hardly any worms in the soil and the few that were there were weak and off colored.

A few years now of not using any chemicals, huge numbers of worms, but tons of aphids. I ordered some live ladybugs, and wow!

Two days later, and all the aphids are gone, most of the ladybugs have flown but about 20 seem to have stayed possibly laying eggs. My neighbors have commented that THEIR roses have no aphids now too. Defilntly will be doing this again next year.

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strawchicago 5a IL(zone 5a)

I had the same experience as you did. Thanks for sharing. Please let me know where you order the ladybugs and the cost. I have the orange ladybugs, but not the bright red ones. The orange ones bite.

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ALL Ladybugs bite, just that some are a bit more ornery.

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Hmm, it is not the grown bugs that are known to eat a lot of aphids, but the black larvaes (or nymphes?) does. They look nothing like the red lady bugs. There is a super efficient wasp though, that layes eggs in the aphids, and withing in a few days they are all dead. Maybe you had a visit of a few of those?

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