Serenade solutions,use on roses?

tamarava(z7bVa)April 10, 2004

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used this product from Gardens Alive on their roses.It is a biofungicide.I may have introduced the downy mildew spores to my garden on a mailorder rose last month.The rose is gone ( it devastated it before I knew what I was dealing with). I'm hoping it hasn't made itself at home in my garden for I have a couple other roses.Copper is out of the question as are any other fungicides which can harm fish ,for my garden backs up to a waterway which flows into the Chesapeake Bay.Thanks for any information you can shed on this product.Tamara

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You can find this at Mc Donald garden center , if you're in the Tidewater area. There's a $3.00 off coupon in their newsletter.

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I am also intrigued with what I hear about Serenade. Has anyoe used it? I'd like to hear what people experience.

Perhaps it is as yet too new.


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southgeorgia_girl(8b GA)

I've been using serenade for about 5 weeks now on Roses, Tomatoes and Rosemary to fight off black spot, powdery mildew and early blight and it is the best organic fungicide product I've ever used. Stopped early blight in its tracks and seems to have done the same with powdery mildew (although baking soda works well there too).

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tinamcg(Z5b Kansas City)

That's good news about Serenade Solutions, as I bought some this winter and haven't had a chance to use it yet. I usually stock up on anything new offered by GA in their pre-season sales, and then I forget I have them. Thanks for the reminder!

I also got Green Guard, their harpin-protein wettable powder product this year. I sprayed it about a week ago, but I really can't tell what it's doing.

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I just purchased "Serenade" to help the blight on my tomatoes. It came highly recommended. I also saw the add in Gardens Alive for "Serenade Solutions". Does anyone know if they are one and the same? I believe it was less expensive in the GA catalog than the product I bought.

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Woodrose(Zone 9 CA)

So Sorry you lost your Rose. Rose Pharm could have saved it had you just stripped the leaves and treated the canes and the soil at the base of the plant. We have a rust problem here and we strip the entire 10ft tall climbing rose (Golden Showers) every spring, treat with Rose Pharm ( last 2 years) and the plant stays rust free all summer.
I try to stay away from biological cures as I do not believe they are necessary.

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they are not the same. /Abi

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LizzieA(z9 CA Sunset 17)

I looked at RosePharm in the nursery and it claims to be a pesticide not a fungicide even though it contains some potassium bicarbonate. So, I would assume it would kill off the good guy bugs too.

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Pesticide is a group name (the large circle) that includes the subset fungicide (smaller circle inside the larger pesticide one). i.e. all fungicides are pesticides, but not all pesticides are fungicides. Another example, all herbicides are pesticides but not vice versa. Another all insecticides are pesticides but not vice versa.

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Serenade Solutions and Serenade Garden Disease Control have the same AI.

I use Serenade Garden Lawn Disease Control in my lawn every week and I use the RTU on my tomatoes...and have gotten great results.

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Gardens Alive was selling a product called "Serenade
Solutions" a couple of years ago. Last year they changed
the name but after a lot of trouble I got them to admit
that what they had was the same product. I get their
catalogs but haven't even looked for it this year (in
their catalog) because there is a much better source.

All of the Serenade line of products is made by Agraquest.
They are associated with a company called Enviroquest
( but at the time of this writing
their website seems to be down). Last year I bought a 6
pound bag of Serenade Max for $72 with shipping included.
6 pounds is a lot but the maker assures me that as long as
it is kept dry it will last for 5 years or more. I've
put it into clean glass jars, sealed them tightly and
put them in a cool location.

And yes, it does work as well as some posters say it
does. The only thing I've found about that is that
you should apply it early, well before you expect fungus
problems to start.

If you figure out the Gardens Alive price you will find
that it comes to about $50 per pound and that's really
high, four times the enviroquest price plus a large
shipping charge. That's true of many of the Gardens Alive
products - high prices for small quantities of materials
that you can get much more cheaply if you look around.

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If you need to apply any pesticide, herbicide, fungicide as often as some here suggest they do there is a problem with the health of the plants that needs to be looked at and corrected. If you repeatedly have problems with plant diseases and insect pests you need to look closely at your soil, and have a good, reliable soil test done, because your plants are growing in an unhealthy environment.
"Conventional" gardeners may have these problems but on e of the basic tenets of organic gardeing is that plants grown in a good, healthy soil will grow up strong and healthy and better able to withstand pests and diseases. It is not normal for plants to always have these problems.

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Hey any updates on Serenade? I just got some

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I shelled out for it twice, hoping it just took longer to work, like organic solutions often do... but I can't report success :( I really, really wanted it to work, but it was powerless against blackspot. I've heard many positive reviews about using it on tomatoes...not so much with roses.

It has a very interesting, distinctive, but familiar smell - I couldn't quite place it, but balsamic vinegar was the most similar I could think of.

On the bright side, it was totally innocuous to the foliage - no burn, even in very hot weather and direct sun. Sulfur and even baking soda have that problem. Perhaps it works on diseases other than blackspot?

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kimmsr, your statement about plants grown in healthy soil should have no disease issues is only partially correct. You can only make a plant as healthy as its genetic immune system will allow. If the rose you're trying to grow has low resistance to the type of black spot, or to rust, mildew or downey mildew, you can only make it as healthy and resistant to those diseases as it CAN be. It's best to shovel prune those which have low resistance to the specific diseases and select those which are healthy and resistant to the diseases you have issues with. Selecting the healthiest in your situation will permit you to rid yourself of the disease problems to the best of your abilities. It's a double edged sword. Organic, healthy soil is great, but it won't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. A rose prone to disease because of its genetically lower resistance to the disease is never going to be disease free unless you spray for the diseases. Kim

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Hello, I'm resurrecting this post to ask, does anyone have more recent first-hand experience about the effectiveness of Serenade against fungal disease in roses, particularly blackspot? Some of my stalwart old roses have been zapped and I'm looking for the best organic solution that's nontoxic to beneficial insects and aquatic life. Thanks in advance for your help!

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I use it every year and have been for apprx. five years.
It works very well for me, not just roses but vines and other vegetables.

I soak, literally the plant and ground around it but I also pick up all, or as many old leaves as possible then remulch and soak the ground with the rose.

In the spring I take five gallon pails and flood the entire rose bed after that I put it on with a sprinkling can and use one hand to make sure the leaves are hit top and bottom.

Find and buy the commercial version called Serenade
ASO in 2.5 gallon size and you will same a lot of money.

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Thanks, RpR, I'll give it a try!

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Do not buy through Amazon, they and the shipping there is a scam that is up to one hundred percent, or more, higher than buying an identical item else-where

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Thanks for the advice, RpR. I bought a case of six of the 32-oz concentrate for $108 including shipping, which seemed a bit of a savings against other online offers. But if anyone's aware of a better deal, I'd love to know.

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This page lists the price of the 2.5 gallon jug.

This page lists the number you must call to order.

I would give you the people I ordered from but cannot find the receipt.

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Here is another one where you must call to order, of the few I found doing a search for 2.5 gallons size which is far cheaper, these call in seem to be a good deal cheaper than the one that are e-mail ordered.

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Thanks, RpR--that looks like an excellent source of all kinds of products for organic growers.

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lauren.m(10- SoCal, Sunset 23)

I'm interested in trying some old time recipes using roses and have read not to use roses treated with a fungicide/insecticide. Would the Serenade product be safe to use?

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They do not recomment eating it, but it is safe to eat fruit and vegetables on which Serenade has been applied without washing.

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So I don't understand. How can you eat something sprayed with Serenade but you have to fully dress out to spray it? How can you eat something without touching it? Do you understand this?

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