Purple splotching on green/yellow fruit

plantslayer(8)September 26, 2010


I've been watching my Hungarian Wax and Fish peppers develop purple splotching on the fruit for several weeks now. Some people say this is caused by sun burn, but the fact is, it's rather cloudy at least half the time around here for weeks now. The fruit seem healthy and firm, no rotting etc. to speak of, but they seem to be taking waaay too long to ripen.

The plants are outside in pots with drainage, I give them a weak liquid fertilizer (miracle grow diluted to 1/4) once every week or so. Could this issue be caused by cool temps or some kind of deficiency?

Thanks for the advice!

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A picture would help identify. If it looks like this it's normal amd not a problem

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Sorry about the lack of picture. Yes, I think that is the same thing happening to my plant. Granted it is not a big problem, is there something in particular that is causing it? Is ripening delayed due to said issue?


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I have heard the same as you that it is caused by the sun. I have seen it on many varieties of peppers and usually it's not evident when the pod is ripe. I have never had it cause a problem with the peppers.I don't believe ripening is delayed. Many peppers take a long time between reaching full size and ripening to their final color

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