Temecula(z9/19 CA)April 26, 2004

Is there anything I can use to control these tiny monsters? I have tons of ladybugs, etc., so I hate the idea of spraying, but I've never had thrips this bad. Short of cutting off all the whites and pastels, what can I do that will kill thrips yet be safe for beneficials?

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Install a batch of beneficial nematodes.

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wigglepuppy(5 Paw Paw, MI)

I bought nematodes from the - a combination of types to make sure it got the full force of the nematodes. I think I have thrips but can't be sure that's what they are - every time I read another bug description I keep thinking well "it could be that too". So to be sure I bought every type of nematode they had and its been about 1-2 weeks and the bugs are still flourishing. I have also been doing light pyrithrin sprays every now and then at the bottom of the plants (where most of them have been affected) and on the top of the soil (where the bugs live). Is it possible I am killing the nematodes with the spray. I do a light spray so not much gets into the soil but thought this could be what the problem is. I have the other half of the nematodes in the fridge and am about to release them in the next few days (I sprayed today so I usually wait 2-3 days before releasing them). I wanted to research more or talk to more experiences growers before doing anything else. This is smy first greenhouse I am really concerned because its overrun with these bugs.

Any help would be much obliged.


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Using a braod spectrum poison such as the pyrethrin based spray you have been using will kill any beneficial insects you have including the nematodes you just bought. You do need to give the nematodes time to work, but even more important you do need to identify the problem and get the right solution or you are simply throwing away money.

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Sara, there are very few worthwhile things you can do in the garden that will give you instant success. So just be patient and hope you haven't killed your nematodes.

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