My great grandma's rose

whiteorchid75(z6 TN)May 10, 2006

I'd really like to know what kind of rose this is. I'm pretty sure it's an antique rose, could be wrong, but it was my great grandma's rose *I'm in my 30s* and she got it from her grandma. You get the picture.

I got a starting of it from my great aunt. There are lots of new sprouts around the older plant every spring, they do quite well with being transplanted. It's not a rambler, exactly, doesn't climb on a trellis. It grows in long, curved branches, is VERY fragrant, and has survived many hardships. It's not a rose you have to baby, though I like to.

The pics kind of stink, I couldn't get a good focus, but maybe you'll see what you need to see to make an ID. *and yes, it needs weeded, etc... I have a toddler and no time right now :p*


~ Dawn

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Does it only bloom once per season? And is it fragrant?

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that's 'The Bishop', very old variety Gallica/Centifolia

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