Yellow Habeneros

mea2214(z5 Chicago)September 11, 2012

The last couple of years the place I get habenero seedlings only had yellows and no reds. I like the reds better and thought they were hotter. Even though the picture on the seedling package showed a yellow fruit, the plant eventually produced red fruit as shown in the pic below. In the last few years and this year I'm only growing a handful of habeneros (8 this year) but a bunch of years ago I used to grow over 70 plants with a mix of yellows and reds and I actually got yellow and red habs. I wonder if perhaps all habeneros being distributed now via seedlings have converged to the red type. I'm not complaining, just curious. I like red habs and they look nice when placed in a pile.

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"I" think it would be impossible for anyone to say definitively what's going on. You're buying seedlings so I think you should ask your supplier what's going on. They may have changed their seed supplier or they're having problems with their supplier getting true seed?

Hard to say. Start with the folks you've been getting your seedlings from.


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