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parupudiApril 27, 2007


I live in Katy(30 Miles WEST OF HOUSTON), Texas. I am new to Organic Gardening.I would like to know what organic fertilizers i can use for my roses to feed and also control diseases?

I planted some bareroot roses 2 weeks back for Double Decker Tree Rose, Rio Samba, Mother's Rose and Memorial Day. I just see small shoots of dark red leafs coming up now. Should i already use a fertilizer on these roses? If yes, what kind of Organic ones are good. I did add Humus and Manure to my soil and Miracle_Grow Gradening Soil mix.

I have a few roses like Midas Touch(yellow) and Rio Samba(orange-pink) and may be a JFK(white) and couple of knock-out roses. All of these except the JFK has got the yellow leafs with black spots. I sprayed the Ortho® Orthenex® Insect & Disease Control last week. Seemed to work little better. Should i spary this again till i see all the leafs are nice and green?

Is there any organic substitute that i can use at this time of the year?

Also, i use the Baeyr's 3-1 Rose Feed once every 6 weeks. Should i stop using that?

Should i stop using the Miracle-Grow All Purpose Plant Food?


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Bayer and MiracleGro are not organic and neither is Ortho Orthenex. So, to keep an organic garden you have to stop using those products. They do not have a place in an organic garden.

There are organic and mostly organic fertilizers available. Espoma Rose (or Flower) Tone is mostly organic. You might be able to find a local product with similar ingredients. Many people use alfalfa, manures and compost as soil amendments.

You might want to ask your question over at the main Roses Forum, there are many over there who do not use commercial pesticides and use organic fertilizers and amendments.

Also, the roses you chose are not disease resistant and you may have trouble keeping diseases under control on those plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roses Forum

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