green bhuts and douglahs

scorpion_john(6)September 26, 2012

i sacrificed a few of my plants today. Cut down 2 bhuts on each side of the bhut thats growing the tails, to try and make more ripen faster. And cut down 2 douglahs clearing them away from my favorite that i plan to dig and overwinter. I got 230 decent sized green pods, i didn't bother saving the smaller ones. Any ideas on what to do with them?

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I tried one of my superhots(I'm told it's a naga-cross) when it was green(unripe) and it had the heat level of about an anaheim(no heat). Then I tried one when it was ripe and i doubt if I'll ever do that again -- in other words, burn that just wouldn't quit!

I hope you don't run into the same thing picking yours before their prime.


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Kevin - thanks, i know they are not nearly as hot green. I had a reason to get rid of them, if u look at my post stinging bhuts, i am trying to get more to ripen of
f this plant cause its getting late in the season. I also tried them green all summer some were mild like u said and some were pretty hot. Very inconsistant. I have too many plants and peppers so no big deal. Only picked the pods cause i was getting rid of the plants to try and help the stinging bhut , John

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You can always try the old "hang the whole plant upside down in the garage, roots and all" trick. They just might turn.



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Make green sauces, add to chili, mix in with foods, slice and put on sandwiches

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you can leave the pods on the branches put the plant in a jug of water with a air pump from fish tank or i have a few other ways that will work if you really want them to ripe for ya ....let me know .

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Take them on vacation with you, Armageddon.



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DMForcier(8 DFW)

I've been chomping the pods dropped from my fatalii. The heat level depends on size. The smaller ones have no heat at all. At roughly 75% the size of the mature pod they have considerable heat, and full-size green pods are roughly equivalent to the ripe ones. The green flavor never really goes away until ripe, but the "habanero" tang comes up with the heat. I would use the larger green pods as I would the ripe ones.

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