Planting new roses in an old bed

windwhipped(Z4 WY)May 4, 2009

Knowing that I'm a mystery fan, a friend recommended that I check out Rosemary & Thyme on PBS. Imagine my surprise to find out that the two women protagonists were not only amateur detectives but professional gardeners. My two favorite things!

Anyway, in between finding out who murdered whom, they were trying to resusitate a rose bed where all the plants were dying. They finally tracked down where the dirt had come from and apparently it was from an old estate where it had been in the rose bed. And then they said that you can't put roses in dirt which had grown roses before as it will kill them. ????

Is this true? Normally I wouldn't worry too much about gardening information I get from a mystery show, but I'm planning on replacing two of my roses with new ones (expensive ones). The old roses aren't sick, one is just ugly and the other isn't thriving in zone 4/5; but if I plant the new roses where I have taken out the old, will that be a problem?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I've never heard of that, but I'm by no means a rose expert, so I'll be watching to see what others have to say! (But if that were true, how would public garden type places ever be able to replace plants in their rose gardens when they die or need to be updated with newer varieties?)

Nice to see you're still around here and haven't blown away, Windwhipped,

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I'm going to bump this up because I seem to have the same issue. But, I have to say right off that during my 7 years at a rose greenhouse, we never once "rotated" our beds to different crops when one variety fell out of favor and was replaced with new bushes.

Still, considering my abysmal record with outdoor roses . . . maybe I better give others another shot at this question before Windwhipped is blown astray and I sail along right after her. (Wind gusts here this morning, over 40 mph.)

The buds are breaking in my little rose garden by the front gate. Unfortunately, after many years, there doesn't seem to be any buds on the Peace rose nearest the gate.

The plant was the largest, grew and bloomed the most vigorously thru season after season. Piling it high with snow over the Winter doesn't seem to have saved it this time.

Other bushes are close in the same bed. Am I going to get in trouble by pulling the Peace out and replacing it with another rose?

(I've enjoyed watching Rosemay & Thyme, also :o).


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windwhipped(Z4 WY)

I took a little cruise over to the rose forum (I'm so used to being here sometimes I forget there are other forums), and while I didn't ask this question, I checked out some of the threads that might pertain and nobody seemed to be concerned about replacing old roses with new in the same spot. Maybe there was something I missed in the explanation on the show - that can happen when you try to watch TV and surf the internet at the same time. So unless we get a rose expert here, I'm going to go ahead and dig out the old roses, add lots of new compost and plant away!

Skybird - yes, thanks, I'm still here, now busy in the garden after a very wet and cold spring. We're 2 inches of rain ahead of where we should be for the year. That never happens! I'm thinking of changing my name to windwhipped and semi-drenched.

digit - wait a couple of weeks and I'll let you know if my new roses immediately keeled over and died. Of course, I'm quite capable of killing plants without any help from the soil.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I'd hold off on the "semi-drenched" part of the name, WindWhipped! By summer you might need to change it again to WindWhipped and Parched!


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